7 Seas Leasing & Structured Finance Solutions

Established in 1998, 7Seas is a lessor of various types of Marine equipment, including marine containers off all types and sizes, as well as standard and specialized tank containers, Port equipment etc.    
With a highly experienced team 7 Seas has built the  foundations for ongoing  solutions for our customers resulting in success and growth.

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We are able to meet your equipment and leasing needs globally, with the advantage of regional focus and local knowledge combined with our “personal touch”.
Overtime we have learned to  meet the diverse and changing needs of chemical producers, users and logistic operators involved in the safe distribution and storage of chemicals and other bulk liquids and Gases  globally. We provide technical, operational and commercial expertise .Our IT systems allow our customers online real time access to follow up on shipments wherever they may be. This feature  minimizes costs, speeds up reaction time, all of which ensures the safe, reliable and efficient transportation of goods globally.

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What we offer

  • Tailormade Structured finance solutions to meet your specific requirements  Standard, fixed, flexible and customized lease terms.
  • Tank containers ranging from 2,000 liter to 26,000 liter and specialized tank containers engineered  for the most complex liquid and gas products types.
  • Offshore containers and other related products and equipment needed for the oil & gas industries.