7SEAS worldwide service to match your international, chemical and bulk shipping requirements

7SEAS is one of the leading tank container operators that has substantial Partners in all major international trade lanes. It is our goal to provide our clients with a comprehensive, global approach to liquid bulk shipping so that we can serve all of your shipping needs with ease.

7SEAS have a global presence including major hubs in North America, Europe, South America, Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, and Asian trade routes. This enables us to ensure consistent and quality service to our customers every time.

Our Services

7 SEAS Structured finance solutions:

7SEAS Structured finance provides you with a tailor made financial designed for your special needs , If your company We  compete with the the traditional banks for new or used equipment and if you operate in one of the following industries , there is a good chance that we can provide you with a tailor made financial solution to meet  your special requirments . 

7Seas Ltd. - Agriculture


7Seas Ltd. - Aviation


7Seas Ltd. - Construction


7Seas Ltd. - Energy


7Seas Ltd. - Industrial


7Seas Ltd. - Manufacturing


7Seas Ltd. - Marine equipment

Marine equipment

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7Seas Ltd. - Mining


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7Seas Ltd. - Transportation


7Seas Ltd. - Oil &Gas

Oil &Gas

What We Offer

liquid, gas, cryogenic, special ISO Tank Container leasing.
Global Tank container  operations .
Structured finance solutions for the transportation and industrial sectors.

Our people make us great

The team of highly trained professional chemical logistics specialists will plan and carry out the transportation of all types of materials that are shipped around the world. The access we have to a wide variety of ocean going vessels means that we can tailor our services to fit the job. Transportation overseas is no easy matter, safety concerns, timely arrival and prompt services are a must, especially when the cargo shipping container may be carrying essential supplies, shipping chemicals, or even hazardous chemical transportation must be done with care.To ship worldwide requires top professionals to handle all aspects of transportation. Hazardous materials require special knowledge and the extra training employees of Seven Seas have already acquired. All aspects of the bulk transportation are handled from transloading, standard bulk transfer and bulk transport, liquid and dry bulk trucking to bulk material handling.

Tailored Services

Our highly trained and professional employees provide a guarantee for optimal quality and service. We offer a worldwide service to match your international chemical shipping requirements and thrive on providing superior customer service, driven by our customer’s needs.

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