ManlidFort: Vale 500 mm, low profile fully hinged with 8-point fixing complete with stainless steel swing bolts with naval brass hand-nuts.
Air Line1.5″ BSP stainless steel butterfly valve fitted with an integral flame arrester. Terminates in a 1.5″ BSP dust-cap with a retaining wire. Facility for pressure gauge connection exists.
Bottom Outlet3: ″45 deg combination bottom outlet. 3″ foot valve with clamped 3″ butterfly valve with 3″ BSP threaded connector with stainless steel cap and retaining chain. Remote control connected to internal valve-kick cable type. Fusible link fitted when applicable.
Top3″ nominal bore with removable siphon tube, 3″ butterfly valve Outlet and 3″ Table ‘D’ blank flange. Safety Relief One 3″ BSP “Super Maxi” high flow pressure relief valves set.
Valvesat 4.4 bar (63.8 psi). Provision for second SRV.
TopAll top fittings are housed in two stainless steel spill boxes.
Compartments complete with stainless steel drain tubes.
Insulation: 50 mm thick Isowool. Complete outer cladding of 0.8mm thick aluminum marine grade 5754 mill finish with swaged joints.
Steam Heating Comprising of 10 longitudinal stainless steel channels (2.5 x 2.5 x 100mm).
SystemEffective heating area of 10 sq. meters (107sq. ft.) with 6 BAR (87 PSI) MAWP. Outlet: 3/4″ BSP connection with plastic cap and retaining wire. Inlet: 1″ BSP connection with plastic cap and retaining wire.
IThermometer: One Contact type analog from -40ºC to 160ºC with dual ºF readings Located at the rear end.
ApprovalsBV, ADR/RID, T-11 IMDG, IM101 (US) DOT, (UK) DOT, IMO Type 1, UIC, TIR, CSC, AAR 600, TC Impact Approved. FRA, DIR (Australia).

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